A title that works for us.

Carl: i made us a gmail account

Carl: and a wordpress account

Adam: good job passing logic.

what’s it all called?

Carl: our email is idonteatdogeither@gmail.com

Adam: LOL okay.

Carl: the wordpress account is perlhandlerevolver.wordpress.com

a little programming humor for you

Adam: haha, that’s good. clever.

Carl: and the password to both is the same

Adam: and that is…

Carl: look at the question for gmail

you’ll know

Adam: LOL

why’s our name adam?

oooh, ‘adam carl.’

Carl: there you go

Adam: so, did we come up with a “thing”?

oh, topic. that’s the word.

Carl: not really

I did the leg work

you think of something for me to rant about

Adam: airport omelettes.

<– just strung two random nouns together yay!

Carl: lol

Adam: what’s the “theme” we’re going for overall here?

Carl: hmmm

Adam: current events?

and how should our posts correlate?

Carl: well, I’d imagine pithy current affairs mixed with retro random. One of us posts first, the other reads and responds with their own blog, who goes first alternates each blog

Adam: and who’s our audience? (other than “everyone?”)

Carl: hmmm

20-30 year old hipsters, graphic designers and comic nerds?

we have a pretty good shot at solidifying the whole of that crowd

we sweep wide, you and I

Adam: this is true.

alright, so, “everyone” it is. 🙂

and what do we call it?

Carl: well, I tried very hard to come up with a pithy nickname, but I couldn’t think of one that involved us being brothers

Adam: yeah, i was thinking about that during my photo class.

Carl: its hard

I’m trying to think of two brothers that are famous

but its hard

Adam: wright?

Carl: or greek mythology seems too… shitty

but you try working the Wright Brothers into a blog name that sends a message to our demographic

thats like asking the sky to hold up the earth

Adam: “Titty Hawk?”

Carl: if this blog becomes successful I would prefer not to be attached to something called “Titty Hawk”

Adam: Yeah, you’re probably right. Sigh.

Carl: “Can’t-do Attitude”


Adam: haha, way to shoot yourself down in half a second on that one.

Carl: its just not good

Adam: Pork n’ Brains

The Brothergate Tapes

Carl: hmmmm

Adam: Oh, Brother (no.)

Carl: no

Bucknasty Fuller

Adam: LOL I think we can file that one under “Titty Hawk.”

Carl: yeah

Adam: but funny.

Carl: what is a field of study you respect

I’ll look under that

Adam: phrenology?

Carl: you look under Aerospace…

Adam: okay.

Carl: I’ll look under Phrenology

Adam: Yeah, but try Computer anything first.

Carl: “Cognitivists”

too hard to type out

hard to remember

we need catch

Adam: That’s pretty good, but when I have to say it aloud, I fear the average person may need a dictionary.

Yeah. Something “hooky”.

Or we could do the misnomer thing, and call it like “The history of Montreal.”

(also no.)

Atmospheric Reentry

Carl: “The Some Of Our Parts”

sounds gay

Adam: Haha, yeah, if it weren’t for that gayish double entendre, that would be perfect.

Carl: I like Atmospheric Reentry, but it lacks “zaz”

Adam: too bad “Rocketboom” is already taken.

Carl: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computers_in_fiction

Adam: Jive something, or something Jive

The Jive Tabernacle.

Haha, looking at the list you sent me. I didn’t realize the computer from “Stealth” was called “Extreme Deep Invader.” Sounds like it comes with jail time.

Carl: lol

Adam: “tete-a-tete”

that’s got “pop.” and possibly snap and/or crackle.

Carl: i like it

and it means “a conversation between two people”

Adam: indeed it does.

Carl: which works for the whole brothers thing

Adam: the only problem with it is that the “proper” spelling requires a goddamn foreign keyboard.


I don’t even know what those letters are called.

Carl: me either

Adam: whatever. let’s go for it.

and if something else comes up, we can change it.

Carl: at any time!

Adam: Yay, the internet!

Carl: also, in light of my wanting to keep a job

how about, perhaps, we keep this relatively anonymous

lets get a few posts up, and people can start reading it after that

strangers might not catch on about the adam carl thing

Adam: Aw, that sucks. ‘Cause it thought it would have been good to post this conversation as like, “back story.”

Carl: we still can

but Carl becomes Carl and Adam becomes Adam

Adam: fair enough.

I’ll do that.

Carl: I’ll do it in MS word, and it will be our first blog, how about?

Adam: I’m already on it. 🙂


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