Well hello, all you fine readers and readerettes.

I’m Adam, Carl’s brother and blogging counterpart.  I go to school full-time at a university where I study IT, and work full-time at a print shop.  I recently moved from a crappy studio apartment in what some would call the South, to a crappy 2-story apartment in the Northeast, where I spend my free time adjusting to the daily bounty of snow and the fact that it gets dark here around 4:30.

Here, I’ll discuss with him the vices and virtues of everyday life, current events, issues, and nonissues.  (Hence the name of the blog?  Huh?  Get it?)  I’m not 100% sure on the exact format here, but I think it’ll probably be part “point-counterpoint” and part “point-that was a good point.”  Hopefully, this means our discourse will cover topics that are both intelligent and thought-provoking, as well as topics that well, aren’t.  After all, it’s our blog, and we’ll do what we want.  You’re not our real mom.

I can’t necessarily speak for Carl, but I know that both of us are smart guys and good writers, and once we get this blog thing rolling it should be a pretty good read.  Luckily, I can come back later and edit that part out if it turns out I’m wrong.  Thanks, internet!  You’re a lifesaver.

So check back early, and check back often.  We’ll look forward to your feedback, opinions, ideas for discussion topics, and care packages of jelly donuts.

Seriously, send donuts.


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