Earth was cool… now its more of a tepid.

I can’t be sure… about mans effect on Earth. However, we can be presented at time with certain damning evidence to the contrary of Adams adamant convictions. Big Oil not withstanding lets take a look at ancient Greece. Why, do they have outstanding ecological debts from all their goat farming and war mongering? Oh my no! take a look:

acid rain, its real bitches

Acid Rain, its real bitches!

Lets be honest, as a country, we mine, extracate, and process pretty much every natural resource we can get our hands on, and according to some rather reasonable reports we’re filling hundreds of thousands of gallons of water with coal ash:

Sadly… I’m willing to trust the associated press on this one. So lets take a look at the world, howabout? We have coal ash, sulphuric rain, mean temperatures roughly a degree and a half above the past century… What has changed? Has it been the rotation of the earth? The tilt perhaps? Are we entering what the 1970’s would call a new ice age perhaps, but you know, in reverse?

Well according to my good friend, science, the rough axial tilt of the Earth doesn’t change much more than a degree and a half (22.3-24.5 deg.) every several thousand years, so that probably isn’t it… Oh! wait! lets take a look at the automobile:

a model T and the man who murdered mother nature... no, really, it was brutal, I watched.

The Model T, and the man that killed mother nature… no really, I watched, it was brutal

This is where it starts…we don’t have to contribute a lot. We don’t need to account for much more than 1% of a fantastic sum, I can only assume we aren’t capable of producing carbon emissions. What matters is where nature is concerned we crave one thing, and that is balance. Where my brother brings in interesting scientific tidbits, with some reliable means of backing that shizz. I just can’t get beyond the fact that things are changing, and with that change comes a cause. Cause and effect. I would rather look foolish in 30 years, for flipping my lid over nothing, and living a more eco-friendly life than blindly assume that the obviously detrimental things we’re doing to the world aren’t harming it in some way. It doesn’t REALLY matter if we’re slowly roasting the Earth, because we’re obviously destroying things we need. Like water. And Air. That thing I breathe.

... balance.

yeah… balanced.


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