Whatever boat that Carl sank with his last post, I say screw the “womyn” and “childryn” and let us have a lifeboat, ’cause I’m more than happy to go down with him on this one. Our society is breeding ever-unhealthier women, who are becoming unhealthy parents, who are producing unhealthy children, who, oh, you get it. Now, I’m not saying women are to blame, entirely. Nor is society (I suppose in this case, I mean “men”). However, both are pulling their equal share, and I can’t say I’m a big fan of any of it.

Let’s also lay this out there right now: Carl and I come from a home that basically consisted of only 3 males for quite a while, so I think it suffices to say that we have a much different view of “gender roles” than most Americans.

She’s mixing up a batch of gender roles right now.

That said, I think the vast majority of people are doing nothing to actually help women get ahead. I say people, because while women do the worst of it to themselves, men certainly aren’t helping. Of course, why would they? It’s a lot of fun to watch the train wreck that is women playing into stereotypes of themselves. It’s all beauty this, and showy that. Superficiality the likes of which would make peacocks ashamed to show their plumage.

Of course, what we fail to realize is that by doing this, we’re really just screwing ourselves. Women are screwing themselves by depriving themselves of the substance that could potentially grow to identify them, and in favor of what? Youth? HA! Good looks? HA! Who gives a shit? You think ol’ 24-year-old Maggie Thatcher gave a shit about how her bosom looked in the lab coat she wore when she was busy inventing soft serve ice cream? You think she fretted over her eyeliner when she was jockeying Britain against the USSR during the Cold War?

I’ll give you a quick hint: Hell no. (By this, I mean I strongly doubt it. I’ve never been inside Maggie’s head before, but I bet it’s a fascinating place.)

But the difference here is that Margaret Thatcher isn’t your average person, and she sure as hell isn’t the woman we’re bringing to life in our society. Oh, no. She’s a confident, intelligent, level-headed, leader of a woman, who isn’t afraid to be as ugly and leathery as a dragon.

Photo courtesy of Jim Henson

The point is, the media has GOT to get off the “how women look” bus. Yeah, we know, it will always sell. Even Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty, my favorite of the lot, is still just as much a Campaign For Dove Products In Your Home as much as it is a virtual “Take Back The Night” for the airwaves. It damages women, and as such, it damages society. Personally, I’d rather have a marginally attractive, smart woman with a great sense of humor, than some vacuous Barbie doll any day of the week.*

Society needs to do a much better job of putting the everyday woman on a pedestal, but most importantly, if we want that to happen, the everyday woman needs to start putting herself on a pedestal. She needs to realize that even though she doesn’t have breasts that could double as life preservers, she’s capable of influencing the way the world looks and feels, and she can not let anyone take that away from her.

*At least for a wife.


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