Lent, the logical progression

Well Adam did that piece on Fat Tuesday. Americas party time. Can you believe some people don’t know it’s a religious holiday? Apparently people aren’t terribly concerned with WHY they’re getting drunk and bloated on cheap beer while a man in a fairy costume steals their dignity for the price of a malaysian child’s work ethic? Oh. Too far?

What’d this guy show?

Well, after that, us good Catholics… let me rephrase that. Catholic, after that, good, us good. Really, I just mean not me, observe Lent . I think it would do us all some good, though, to observe a 40 period of fasting and reflection, but what do I know? I think if I had to put it down to a graphic representation of what America might want to give up for Lent it might look something like this:

This is a deep fried Snickers (trademark). This is usually where you’d find a rather clever (if I do say so myself) caption. It’s kind of our trademark here at Tete-a-Tete. However, if you already knew it was a deep fried Snickers (trademark) I’m already more clever than you, and if you didn’t you’re just as horrified as I am.

America is fat, and the way we got there is by being rich and lazy and realizing that we could deep fry whatever we wanted without retribution from NATO. Apparently they have bigger things to deal with. I can’t imagine anything bigger than an American ass, but they can. The last time I thought America should give something up…

give it up!

Why oh why did they put money into this?

So I have to think that we can stand to take my advice again.

I am curious why Protestants don’t do this in the same fervor Catholics do. I don’t care, really. It takes all kinds, except maybe the fox executives that green lit the PJ’s and several other equally promising pilots that thankfully involved less Eddie Murphy claymation. Why all the hate? I must watch too much Adult Swim.

I think I will give up something for Lent, I’m a little behind the curve, in that it started days and days ago, but maybe I’ll give up… wait, I don’t really do anything but look up at the sky and do nerdy things. Earlier today I watched the new fansub of Bleach.


never gonna give you up

So, if you have any thoughts, give me a ring… or a comment.


One response to “Lent, the logical progression

  1. I suggest you give up two things. Caffeine and not proofreading your posts.

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