Happy Easter

Carl here,let me take the oppurtunity to wish you a Happy Easter from the blogging team at Tete-a-Tete, and a generally good Sunday all around for those of you who think the idea of ressurection breaks several very important biological and physical laws. Your imminent burning in hell not withstanding (Kingpin anyone?) I will have a new blog up on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll give you a hint as to what it might be about: in Commando (1985) Arnold played a man by the name of Matrix. That was his name, honestly.

Happy Easter!

Do you guys remember Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey? Now THERE’S an Easter movie.

Good to have everyone back onboard after that wierd disjointed period of not writing, and bad writing. To all across the land: Go forth, and make merry, and eat as much chocolate as the AMA allows.


One response to “Happy Easter

  1. Fun fact: Easter comes between “drinking” and “employment” on your tag list, which is appropriate for the number of people drinking on Saturday night before Easter then returning to work on Monday. Science!

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