Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy first day not given some seemingly arbitrary religious moniker for about a week.    Now, it’s Monday.  Lent’s over.  No more no-meat Fridays, no-heroin Saturdays, and whatever other self-inflicted chastity there was.  No more Easter Egg hunts where 8 children meticulously comb over the front yard for 32 man-hours, and still manage to miss roughly 60% of the eggs it took a grown man 45 seconds to hide.

But more importantly (and perhaps more secularly), no more Winter. It’s becoming increasingly evident that Spring is upon us, and with that comes a short post about a long weekend that comes once a year.  Bonus for tie-in purposes:  The post has an easter egg of its’ own.  See if you can find it:


At any rate, that’s not an official design so I slapped a watermark on it  – so you can’t go printing it and handing it out to all your friends just yet, but I’ll make a high-res 11 by 17 version available whenever that becomes appropriate.  Damn, I love spring.  See you in June, Lexington.


2 responses to “Easter Egg Hunt!

  1. YAY festival and nice design!

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