Get on the ball!

So, as it turns out, my planned Monday blog was just six days shy! Well, 6 days isn’t that bad. What could possibly happen in six days?

Earth, fuck yeah!

Did he just make a biblical reference?

This year marks the 10th anniversary  of The Matrix. Many of you already know this having read the XKCD about the subject. It left me wondering if the Matrix had really impacted me in any way. Well after a long night of wrestling drunks, getting stepped on, talked at, and generally run through the mill I came home from this party I had elected to go to and thought: “You know what? Lets put in the Matrix! (run time 137 min. )”

Two hours, a million bullets, and two jaunty hand folds to enrage ones opponent later this is what I learned:

I like Keanu Reeves as an actor. I don’t care how utterly emotionless you may think he is. Really, he delivers some of the iconic lines of the genre in this sumbitch. I mean, he slavaged a career from racing buses and being a founding member of the totally radical Wild Stallyns!

I was SURE mini-discs were the wave of the future. I knew a guy who listened to mini-discs. You know what was on them? THE MATRIX SOUNDTRACK. I was really worried about having to buy the White Album again, but that just seems like a pipe dream with MP3’s and the digital formats.

thanks to our friends at blogspot!

“Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?”

The final this it taught me was to never trust anyone in a suit. Ever. They are lying to you. I don’t care about the grammatical implications of a sentence that vague, because it would appear to be true. THEY are lying to YOU! It’s all some big conspiracy to take advantage of our BTU’s and what have you. They’ll hack your fire proxys in no time!

That’s really all I had to say. Don’t try to find music on mini-disc, unless you live here:
NOT Toronto

Thats not Toronto

No matter what you have to say about it, I know that every single time I bring up the Matrix to my friends I hear “awww man, I remember the first time I saw that in theaters” so go rent it, download it, however you get it. Just make sure to re-watch it with someone. It’s less of a mind-fuck that way.


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