Hi, I’m 22 year old Aerospace and Movie enthusiast Carl. Along with my brother Adam we will be bringing you the most up to date in blogging technology. Second by second thoughts ripped straight from the headlines. I can also pretty much assure you that from time to time those headlines will come straight out of the 70’s. And you chumps though time was linear? Psh. Anyhow, we’ve been brothers for years, longer than I can count, and it was time we put some things down on paper. This is my half of the about… the other half is coming.

Aha, I’m the proverbial “other half,” Adam.  Since 1982, I’ve been developing my communications skills in a way that leads people to describe me as “verbose,” “eloquent,” and most often, “an asshole.”  Here at Tête-à-Tête I’ll be working with my brother to keep you informed, and entertained in a way that makes you say “that was clever,” or sometimes, “my tummy hurts”  – ’cause since no one’s paying us, we can say whatever the hell we want!  Yay!


One response to “About

  1. As I read these posts, I can literally hear the both of you. It makes me smile.

    And the conversation that gave birth to this fabulous new venture? Priceless, and vintage “Carl and Adam” 🙂

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