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That can’t be right

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He is our king.


Man alive.

Seriously man, we’re alive. New blog to follow.

July 20th, 1969

Houston, Tranquility base. The Eagle has landed.

There are no pictures I want to show you, no clever quips nor lists. I just want for a moment today, each and every person who reads this, every person who thinks they don’t care and that it doesn’t matter, to reflect on the fact that we landed on the moon. 40 years ago today, we ushered in an era of prosperity and achievement over the fear and hate raging through the veins of a world wracked by wars, both cold and hot. We, America, put a man on a rocket 300 feet long, pushing with the force of 250,000 car engines, all the way to the moon. We put him there and returned him safely. A feat no equaled since 1972, when Apollo 17 left the moon for the last time.

The three men chosen for this accomplishment were Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins. These three men are heroes, not for any of the very heroic flights they endured in war, not for their philanthropy since. These men are heroes because they helped the realm of science merge with the realm of imagination. I can’t imagine what focus and dedication these men would need to prove once and for all that mans dominion, his ability to explore was not tethered by the iron shackles of earth, but by the ethereal and unending bounds of imagination. Man could break free and explore a “new frontier” and he can do so still.

The moral of the story is that there is a plaque on the moon, and it does not make me proud to be an American. It makes me proud to be a man, a human, a citizen of Earth. It reads “We came in peace for all mankind” and as sure as I sit here and type this diatribe, this needlessly dramatic, and utterly rambling hero worship… it was true. It was an effort to exact a scientific community that shed the lines of country and race, and strove to find peace for all mankind. I hope one day more people read it.

12 people have set foot on the moon, 24 have orbited. The last in December 1972. Those men, those brave men are of course heroes for their own reasons. Personal and otherwise. Bravery engages them, curiosity in the leagues of great scientists and great pilots. They seek to go the distance. If not them, then who? It’s about leaving the cave and looking to the stars. It’s about making fire, the wheel, sailing across that great ocean and marking it as found. Heroes in war, heroes in peace, heroes for all of mankind. If ever another country puts another man on another celestial body, if ever the world moves beyond political distinctions, and Earth puts man on Mars. This will be why: 40 years ago today, Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon, and proved it could be done, and in doing so he ushered in an era that could not and has not been equaled by any feat of engineering or daring since.

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

P.S. Many of these men were Eagle scouts, war heroes, test pilots of the highest caliber, and men of heroism and mettle before ever seeing the lunar surface, but make no mistake about the severity I place toward an achievement that may help man outlast his planet, and move beyond his solar system.

P.P.S. Also, the man to really thank for sparking this imagination? J.F.K. When he wasn’t chasing women around the White Horse (that is a movie reference) he was telling us that we would put a man on a giant rocket, made out of metal that hadn’t been invented, doing something we’ve never come close to doing, and we were going to do it in 8 years. He wasn’t alive to see it, but if ever a president whipped some asses into shape, it’d be J.F.K.

Rice University and The Apollo 11 moon landing. 7 years apart.

Elevator Music

For all of those regular blog readers out there, we are currently playing the “Girl from Iponema”. Can’t you hear that? hmmm hm hm hmm hmmm. Ah isn’t that restful?

This is wildly different, DON’T READ THIS!

I feel just plum awful not having posted. I try to but things get away from me. That aside, I’m really very uninteresting. A woman at work told me that was a lie. It seemed sweet. Of course, what do I know? We talked about this and that, and she asked me if I had a steady girlfriend. I don’t. Thanks for the salt in that wound…

Anyhow I have written a story. It’s not really an allegory. It’s an excercise in combination. My chosen field of study is folklore, so I wrote a folk tale for a friend of mine. This is the first part, and if anyone wants the second part, I’ll post the shit out of it. It’s got 5, but I’ve only written 1 and 2 out. Here goes:


Once, in the ancient and venerable kingdom of Phaleria there lived a man named Turnico. He was a soldier by trade, but by night, and in the barracks between what silly wars the kings raged against each other at such grave costs, Turnico was a poet. No one had ever read anything he had ever written, because he was a very private man. stern, and fair, he was well acknowledged as a great soldier, a prospect to be an officer. However, had any one bothered to read his poems, they would know he was an even greater artist.

One day, a great Phalerian general named Grotticus came to see Turnico is his humbly appointed home. He was busy scrawling his effortless and beautiful thoughts on paper. He had often lamented the idea of becoming a soldier instead of a poet. But he knew, the flavor of his words came not from his mind, or his eyes. They were like anyone elses. They came from his curiosity. He was curious to put to paper his thoughts, because they might be his last, and Turnico had always known a mans last words, to be his most beautiful

Well, Grotticus had come to offer him a position as a page to another general, new and young, much younger than all the rest, this general was smart, but of noble birth. He hadn’t earned his place, he had been given it, like a trophy. This young general was keen to have the respected soldier as his page, and thought it a boon, since it was a quick way for a man of such little stature (though a rather legendary veteran he was) a chance to become an officer.

“Would you take this job, and move through the ranks? Get what it is you deserve after years of faithful service. After years of surviving?”

“Well,” said Turnico “I will do this, but, it is important to know that surviving is what one naturally does, I will only take this reward for my years of serving the king”


I’m done with finals. So there’s that. Now I have nothing but time on my hands, unless you count all those obligations and work and things. But really, whats that schwarbage? I thought I’d just come back and say “Hello”. I recently Had a travel experience I wish to share with America, no the WORLD at large. West Virginia is the most beautiful place you never want to go, and Virginia is the Old South, which means that they USED to be nice to the RICH. Don’t expect southern hospitality if you go to the great… “Mother of Presidents”. Which they seem to share as a title. With whom? Why, the creepeist cartoon to feature children with handlebar mustaches of course:



I went for a wedding, me and my two gigantic roommates who look like they might murder people for the government anyhow. So when our whole traveling party steps out of a giant Yukon with sunglasses and cigars and things, we look kind of like we might deal drugs, or… oh yeah, murder people for the government.

The whole trip was great. The only problem (aside from the stinkeye I needed to shower to wash off) was the pollen. I’m not even allergic to pollen. You know why my eyes watered? Because the Pollen in VA. is so big its like whole pieces of tree flew into my eyeball. I swear it was like we were in the prettiest dust storm.



Also did you know the motto for Va.? Its the same thing John Wilkes Booth shouted as he assasinated out 16th president. Coincidence? I won’t say.



I’m happy to be back home. I no longer spend my days sleeping obscene amounts in cars, and alienating bridal families. Now I’m home, to alienate my friends. I think its going to be an alright summer…


Apparently when the two people that write your regularly scheduled blog, are in fact, highly prized students of renown they have trouble writing for your pleasure. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME MAN?! I’M FREAKING OUT!

Did we mention its finals time here at Tete-a-Tete?

here you go

Here you go, Ray Charles will keep you company until we get back from our respective libraries and books and things. Random? Not if you think about it… just kidding.