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Here is a place holder for the blog. It seems we really dropped the ball. I left it like I typed it in G-chat. but here you go Internet. dissect THAT.

3:48 PMme: i had a dream last night that I slept with (NAME REMOVED), and I weighed 160 pounds, and hung out in a giant house with the Alabama offensive line

3:49 PM Eileen: It can only be a prophecy
me: yes indeed
3:50 PM it was strange because i was going to be late for work, but i was sleeping with her anyway, then i put her into a crate to find something and make sure she was hidden, then I lost the crate
Eileen: Then maybe its not a prophecy, more like a dream evaluation of the situation
3:51 PM
me: it was strange
and the whole time she was just totally unenthused with the sex, and in the middle, some dudes came in to give me a high five, the I saw SG-1 admonish Daniel for being “dumb as bees” and all of them were dressed in dashikis
3:52 PM just the whole narrative leads me to believe I need to watch what I eat before I go to bed
3:53 PM Eileen: Nah, it sounds fun. I am jealous of dreams because I have them so rarely
me: you’re jealous, of that?